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Friday, September 23, 2016

Maurice Ravel: Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in A minor – Leonidas Kavakos, Yuja Wang

Leonidas Kavakos and Yuja Wang, a superstar duo at Carnegie Hall.

Violinist Leonidas Kavakos (the youngest winner of the Sibelius Violin Competition) and pianist Yuja Wang (star of the piano at only 27) are brilliant as soloists on the international stage. For a few months now, they have been giving concerts together around the world and have recorded a CD of Brahms sonatas for violin and piano, released by Decca in March 2014. In London, Robert Matthew-Walker wrote, "Wang is superb and Kavakos is violinistically impeccable, sustaining Brahms's lines perfectly with every note dead in tune [...] The result is a great performance".

Source: (2014)

Ravel's so-called "posthumous" sonata, rather than having been penned from beyond the grave, is of course an early work not published until 1975, long after the composer's death. Not to be confused with Ravel's much better known G major sonata from 30 years later, which melds blues with neo-Classicism, this compact, one-movement sonata in A minor from 1897 adheres to the classic exposition-development-recapitulation-coda sequence. It shows the strong influence of Fauré and Franck, yet also uses a harmonic and melodic language Ravel would later make his own in his Piano Trio and String Quartet. The first theme, heard without introduction, is sinuous and dreamy; the second theme, brought in after a short piano solo, is smoother, broader, and at times vaguely Oriental, while still almost passing for Fauré. The coda, after a condensed recapitulation, is particularly chromatic, as if it were plucked from Franck's more famous violin sonata.

Throughout this work, Ravel constantly shifts meters and indulges in harmonic vagueness, helping place the sonata solidly in the French Impressionist style. Yet he also overly relies on triplets, allows his melody to descend frequently into repetition, and displays a competent but not entirely idiomatic knowledge of violin technique. Ravel obviously considered the work too flawed for publication, but it is nevertheless a beguiling piece that surely would have entered the standard repertory had Ravel tightened it up a few years after composing it.

Source: James Reel (

Ο διεθνούς φήμης βιολονίστας Λεωνίδας Καβάκος και η διάσημη Κινέζα πιανίστρια Γιούτζα Ουάνγκ ερμηνεύουν τη Σονάτα για βιολί και πιάνο αρ. 1 σε Λα ελάσσονα, του Μωρίς Ραβέλ. Η συναυλία δόθηκε στο Κάρνεγκι Χολ στη Νέα Υόρκη στις 23 Νοεμβρίου 2014.

Η Σονάτα για βιολί και πιάνο αρ. 1 σε Λα ελάσσονα, η λεγόμενη «μεταθανάτια», του Μωρίς Ραβέλ, αν και αποτελεί ένα πρώιμο έργο (γράφτηκε το 1897), δημοσιεύτηκε μόλις το 1975, πολλά χρόνια μετά το θάνατο του συνθέτη. Το έργο δεν πρέπει να συγχέεται με την πολύ πιο γνωστή Σονάτα για βιολί και πιάνο αρ. 2 σε Σολ μείζονα, η οποία γράφτηκε τριάντα χρόνια αργότερα.

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)

♪ Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in A minor, Op. posth. (1897)

Leonidas Kavakos, violin
Yuja Wang, piano

Carnegie Hall, New York, November 23, 2014

(HD 720p)

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